Irish Liquor

The Irish produce some of the finest whiskeys in the world… proudly served at The Public House.

Irish pub Katy TX

Glenlivet available at The Public House


Pub Favorites

The Glenlivet distillery near Ballindalloch in Moray, Scotland is the oldest legal distillery in the parish and produces a single malt Scottish whiskey by the same name… proudly served at The Public House.

Macallan’s 12-year single malt  whiskey is rich and gold, produced since 1824 at one of the Highland’s most respected whiskey distilleries next to the River Spey in Scotland. We bring it across the pond just for our patrons!

Irish Pub Katy TX

Jameson Irish Whiskey is just a pour away!

Jameson Irish Whiskey is blended and triple distilled to produce a smooth drink. You may have seen the tongue-in-cheek TV commercials about the founder, John Jameson. He may or may not have fought an octopus… but we can confirm his whiskey is among the best in the world. And that’s no blarney.

And More!

We also offer Bushmill, Bushmill Black and Tullamore Dew. Occasionally we feature other fine Scotch Whiskeys — just check with our waitstaff.